Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lemon Garlic Broccoli

The Single Serving
This is a special request from my beloved friend- Melis. I've bunked with her many times over the years and most recently in her flat in the UK. We have also traveled together on numerous occasions, and I love having her as my partner in crime!
Melis and I getting our tourist on in Santorini, Greece
Let's just say that I usually do the cooking and we can leave it at that :) I turned her on to some more/new vegetable dishes, including this Lemon Garlic Broccoli side dish I make when I am out of ideas. It is so easy and takes maybe ten minutes. So Melis this is for you!
The Ingredients
Chop up the broccoli to personal preference
Add the soy sauce, garlic salt, and lemon to broccoli
Flip and make sure it's browning
I put mine in with peanut udon noodles and ground beef
Lemon Garlic Broccoli Recipe:
    Handful of broccoli (I only eat the florets but up to you)
    Drizzle of soy sauce
    2 or 3 generous squeezes of lemon juice
    2 good coatings of garlic salt

How To-
(If using frozen broccoli florets, make sure they are defrosted) On medium heat, spray the skillet with non-stick spray. Chop up broccoli (or if eating on its own as a side, then no need to chop it up). When skillet is hot, place broccoli in the pan and add the remaining ingredients. I like mine very lemony and very garlic-salty. When it looks like the broccoli is browning, flip over and give another light shake to the garlic salt and lemon juice. Let cook another minute or so and then serve.


I always use this dish because I keep frozen broccoli florets in my freezer for cases when I don't have fresh veggies available. I don't usually eat this dish on its own but I add the broccoli to a main course. In this instance, I had made ground beef and udon noodles with my peanut sauce (also a go-to staple) and added this for the greens. This dish is citrusy and tangy and adds a nice kick to most main items.

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